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Dedicated Servers with the same configuration in more than 30 data centers worldwide

SERVERCPURAM, can upgradeDISK STORAGE, can upgradeIPv4, can upgradeNETWORK, can upgradeBANDWIDTH, can upgradeORDERConfigure
DC30+ Intel E3-1230v21230v2 3.30GHz C4/T88 GB1 TB SATA or 120 GB SSD11 Gbps shared10 TB€75.00/mOrder Now
DC30+ Intel E3-1270v21270v2 3.50Ghz C4/T816 GB2 TB SATA or 240 GB SSD11 Gbps shared10 TB€115.00/mOrder Now
DC30+ E3-1230v2 8x1230v2 3.30GHz C4/T88 GB8x 1 TB SATA or 8x 120 GB SSD11 Gbps shared10 TB€140.00/mOrder Now
DC30+ 2x Intel E5-2609v2Dual 2609v2 2.50Ghz C8/T816 GB2x 2 TB SATA or 2x 240 GB SSD11 Gbps shared10 TB€200.00/mOrder Now

Dedicated Servers in more than 30 data centers worldwide

Compare our dedicated servers in more than 30 locations around the world.


Dedicated Server Hosting: your own server for all your online business

Do you need a reliable and powerful server for your company? Or for private matters, for example as a game server? We have the right server for you.
For a super competitive price.

A dedicated server is your own server for all your online business. With a dedicated server you are very flexible because you decide yourself which software comes on the server and how the server is configured.
Do you want a Linux dedicated server or a Windows dedicated server, for example? No problem!


Our Dedicated Hosting offer

Places or datacenter such as:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Barcelona, Spain
Bucharest, Romania
Bratislava, Slovakia
Brussels, Belgium
Budapest, Hungary
Frankfurt, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Las Vegas, United States
London, United Kingdom
Los Angeles, USA.
Madrid, Spain
Manchester, UK
Miami, USA.
Milan, Italy
Montreal, Canada
New Jersey, USA.
New York, USA.
Oslo, Norway
Paris, France
Phoenix, USA.
Prague, Czech Republic
Rome, Italy
Singapore, SNG Asia
Sofia, Bulgaria
Stockholm, Sweden
Tokyo, Japan Asia
Warsaw, Poland
Wien, Austria
Zurich, Switzerland