Dedicated Seedbox servers

CPUStorageNetworkAnti-DDoSruTorrentPanel, FTPPrivate, public trackersSABnzbdOwn IPOrder*Configure
4x500 GB500 MbpsFreeYesYesYesOption1€8.00/mOrder Now
4x750 GB500 MbpsFreeYesYesYesOption1€12.00/mOrder Now
4x1000 GB500 MbpsFreeYesYesYesOption1€15.00/mOrder Now
6x1500 GB500 MbpsFreeYesYesYesOption1€23.00/mOrder Now
6x2000 GB500 MbpsFreeYesYesYesOption1€38.00/mOrder Now
6x3000 GB500 MbpsFreeYesYesYesOption1€53.00/mOrder Now
8x6000 GB500 MbpsFreeYesYesYesOption1€97.00/mOrder Now
8x9.000 GB500 MbpsFreeYesYesYesOption1€142.00/mOrder Now
8x12.000 GB500 MbpsFreeYesYesYesOption1€188.00/mOrder Now
12x15.000 GB500 MbpsFreeYesYesYesOption1€233.00/mOrder Now
12x18.000 GB500 MbpsFreeYesYesYesOption1€278.00/mOrder Now
12x21.000 GB500 MbpsFreeYesYesYesOption1€323.00/mOrder Now

Dedicated Seedbox servers.

Our dedicated seedbox packages

At IDFNV, you can rent a private seedbox for as little as € 5 per month. Feel free to compare our dedicated seedbox packages below and make your choice. More information? We are happy to help you select the best solution for your situation.

Dedicated seedbox: high-speed and secure file transfer

Upload, download and share large files faster than ever? Renting a dedicated seedbox gives you maximum value for money and the best performance! A private seedbox or seedhost is a private, remote server with a torrent application for high-speed uploading and downloading digital files through the web.

The advantages of a dedicated seedbox

High-speed uploading and downloading: in order to ensure secure, fast and smooth data traffic, our seedboxes are connected to high-speed networks. Most seedboxes have a download and upload speed of 1000 Mbit/s. At that speed, it takes less than two minutes to download a file as large as 1 Gb.
Compatible with all common operating systems: our seedboxes perfectly communicate with common operating systems like Windows, Linux en Mac OS X.
Secure and discrete: all files are downloaded to the end user's computer using secure HTTP, FTP, SFTP of rsync protocols. Do you want the best possible security and privacy? For a small surcharge, you can rent a seedbox with a VNC connection or remote desktop protocol, enabling you to execute most actions from a distance.
Popular among P2P and Bit Torrent users: the capacity of seedboxes to transfer large media files at high speed makes them very attractive for P2P and Bit Torrent users. Sharing your digital files with other users has never been easier.