Streaming Nimble – Wowza Audio/Video Live

Streaming Wowza or Nimble Audio/Video Live

PackageUnlimited ViewersUnlimited data trafficUnlimited streaming 24/7Video ResolutionsAnti-DDoSPrice
Nimble Live Audio/videoYesYesYes480 x 360 (360p)Free€20.00/mOrder Now
Nimble Live Audio/videoYesYesYes858 x 480 (480p)Free€35.00/mOrder Now
Nimble Live Audio/videoYesYesYes1280 x 720 (720p) (Half HD)Free€55.00/mOrder Now
Nimble Live Audio/videoYesYesYes1920 x 1080 (1080p) (Full HD)Free€95.00/mOrder Now
Nimble Live Audio/videoYesYesYes3860 x 2160 (2160p) Ultra-HD, 4KFree€185.00/mOrder Now

Streaming Wowza - Nimble Audio/Video Live

Streaming is the number one method of serving, or delivering, video and audio content over the Internet. As broadband availability has increased spectacularly and compression standards have become more efficient, streaming has become a hugely popular way to publish high-quality live and on-demand video. Wowza or Nimble enables you to broadcast live video with user-friendly streaming software that can be deployed through the cloud or on-premise. Wowza or Nimble streaming solutions range from IP camera and drone streaming to video on demand to live streams. IDFNV can set you up in minutes with a customizable live streaming platform.

Wowza or Nimble Streaming Engine Manager

You can use Streaming Engine Manager with the latest versions of most web browsers that support HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets level 3 (CSS 3). Wowza or Nimble recommends the Google Chrome browser.

IDFNV is your partner in the field of:

-Set live streaming using a RTMP-based encoder
-Set live streaming with a RTSP/RTP-based Encoder
-Set live streaming through HLS/M3U8 > new, with or without SSL
-Re-streaming audio with Shoutcast/Icecast
-Connecting a live device to Wowza or Nimble Streaming Engines
-Setting Up Video chat
-Re-stream video from an IP camera
-All other live streaming tasks

Wowza or Nimble Media Server: the future of video streaming

Are you looking for a low-priced, professional video streaming or webcasting server? Discover the Wowza or Nimble Streaming Engine (Wowza or Nimble Media Server), the innovative solution for your live streaming and on-demand streaming platform. Supports all interactive services, such as live chat, video recording or streaming MP3 / MP4 audio files on your website.

The advantages of Wowza or Nimble Streaming Engine

High-quality live streaming and video on-demand: including fast forward and rewind options, video recording (store on server), multi-user video, audio and text chat.
Full control from your personal control panel: the Cast Control Streaming panel contains all tooling and resources to obtain maximum results from your Wowza or Nimble Streaming Engine. From you streaming data and graphs to live GeoIP viewer maps and many more useful tools. You also find embed codes for browsers and mobile devices. Do you use IP cameras? You can configure the camera URL directly from Cast Control.
Easily scalable: a growing number of viewers or listeners? Need extra capacity? You can upscale your Wowza or Nimble Streaming Engine with just one mouse click.
Supports every method and device: Flash (RTMP), iPhone (HTTP), Silverlight (SMOOTH), Mobile devices, Quick Time (HLS RTSP) en IPTV (MPEG-TS) are supported, as well as most common live stream encoder software and hardware.

Well-protected against piracy: in order to prevent piracy, digital files can only be streamed through your website. End users can neither download nor edit your files.

Our Wowza or Nimble Media Server packages

We have offered flash video solution for many years now. By adding the Wowza or Nimble Streaming Engine to our solutions portfolio, we are able to provide you with even more low-priced, reliable and scalable solutions for flash video streaming, webcasting and flash video hosting.
At IDFNV, you can rent a Wowza or Nimble Streaming Engine for you audio and video streaming starting from € 15,- per month. Feel free to compare our Wowza or Nimble streaming packages below and make your choice. More information? We are please to help you select the best solution for your situation.