Streaming hosting combi pack

Stream plus Hosting combi pack

Demo 1 optie pack , check here                                             Demo 2 optie pack, check here


Hosting companies that specialize in streaming media need to boast superb uptime. Streaming hosting packages need to offer generous bandwidth and disk space allowances. IFDNV meets all demands in this area. Delivering content quickly is also an area of expertise we are very proud of at IDFNV. We can also be your partner in cheap hosting streaming media.


(Internet) broadcasters of all sizes from around the world depend on us for top quality and personal support when it comes to (radio) streaming .
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Streaming plus Hosting

Streaming plus Hosting
  • Shoutcast or Icecast
  • Data traffic per month 200 GB
  • Bitrate max. 512 Kbps
  • Unlimited listeners
  • Unlimited streaming 24/7
  • Disc space for MP3 10 GB
  • AutoDJ Support
  • Control panel Centova Cast
  • Pre installed Joomla Radio Website
  • Hosting HD disk space 10 GB
  • Hosting Data traffic p/m unlimited
  • Hosting 2 MySQL database
  • Hosting Control panel DirectAdmin