Streaming per luisteraar

Streaming per slot

PackageListeners (slots) max.Bitrate maximumUnlimited data trafficUnlimited streaming 24/7Disc space for MP3Control panelAnti-DDoSORDER
Shoutcast15512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€2.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast25512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€3.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast35512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€5.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast50512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€7.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast60512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€9.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast75512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€11.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast100512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€14.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast150512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€25.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast175512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€32.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast230512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€40.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast300512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€50.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast500512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€70.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast750512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€90.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast1000512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€120.00/mOrder Now

Streaming server per slot

Shoutcast of Icecast stream pakket bij IDFNV. Al vanaf € 2 per maand

SHOUTcast or ICEcast: streaming audio en video

Broadcast your own music or videos on the web? Or receive audio and video streams of others? Our SHOUTcast Streaming Server or ICEcast Streaming Server is the solution for broadcasting or receiving audio and video files. At IDFNV, we offer you high quality streaming for a very low price.

The advantages of SHOUTcast and ICEcast

Streaming audio and video: you can watch videos and listen to music without having to download the file first. The perfect solution for those who do not have a high-capacity server or a fast internet connection.
Your own video or radio station: thanks to the SHOUTcast of ICEcast plug-in on our streaming servers, you can let other people worldwide enjoy your streams by creating your own webcast or internet radio station.
Easily scalable: need more listeners? Or extra capacity? Extend the capacity of your streaming server with only one mouse click. Our streaming packages range from 15 to 1.000 listeners (slots).
Works with most common media players: on our servers, we offer links to the most commonly used media players, e.g. Windows Media Player (WMP), Winamp, VLC, iTunes, Quick time, Web browser (port 80 stream).
24/7 streaming and unlimited data traffic: stream as much and as long as you want, because our SHOUTcast and ICEcast Streaming Servers are available 24/7 and offer unlimited data traffic.

Our SHOUTcast and ICEcast streaming offer

At IDFNV, you can already rent a streaming server for as little as € 2 per month. There is no difference in price between a SHOUTcast and an ICEcast stream server. Just determine the required number of listeners (slots) and the most appropriate bit rate. On the order form, please indicate in the 'Comments' field whether you want a SHOUTcast or an ICEcast stream. More information? We are happy to advise you on the best solution.