Streaming per dataverkeer

Streaming Server by data traffic/bandwidth

PackageData traffic p/mBitrate maximumUnlimited slots/listenersUnlimited streaming 24/7Disc space for MP3Control panelAnti-DDoSORDER
Shoutcast200 GB512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€3.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast300 GB512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€4.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast600 GB512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€8.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast1500 GB512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€15.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast3.000 GB512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€30.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast6.000512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€60.00/mOrder Now
Shoutcast9.500512 KbpsYesYes20 GBCentova CastFree€90.00/mOrder Now

Streaming Server by data traffic/bandwidth

Traditional downloading works through traditional web-serving methods with any conventional web server. (FTTP) The same version of each file is served to everyone. Streaming uses real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) and requires a server specially geared for streaming. IDFNV empowers you to reach any audience on any screen. Your content is secure with authentication and your viewers get the best experience.


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Shoutcast of Icecast stream pakket bij IDFNV. Al vanaf € 3 per maand